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Chase REO Department info or a seperate section detailing their REO asset management division is not available on Chase.com. Chase website does have good info about all their repossessed and foreclosed properties they have listed with realtors.

If you are a real estate agent or realtor looking to establish a business relationship with Chase to handle their significant bank owned properties, the best way to get started is by sending an email to REO.VENDOR@CHASE.COM. Contractors and property management companies also need to connect with REO department at Chase through this email address.

Another way to get contacts in the Chase REO Asset Management division is through one of the local realtors already working with Chase. If you go to the chase website where they list all their REO inventory based on the state in which they are located; Look for the properties located in your area and contact the agent handling the property.  You can use them as a resource to extract a little bit more info about handling the properties listed by Chase REO.

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